The Ultimate Classic Bike Challenge - FS1-E Across Route 66

In honour memory of Stanley Shand (31/01/1933 - 13/09/2018) - for Alzheimer's Research UK and Alzheimer's Association USA


Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Business Partner and Best Friend. 

Eternally a riding enthusiast, in 1974 Dad bought a road bike for my older brother - a Yamaha FS1-E, affectionately known as a "Fizzy" and I clearly remember complaining that it was not fair as I couldn't yet take to the open road - sorry Dad! But it wasn't long until I soon got my first taste of freedom with my Popsicle Purple Fizzy.

At the age of 83, having been my business partner for 37 years, Dad was no longer able to work due to his failing health caused by Alzheimer's.  After seeing him in the care home with the other ladies and gentlemen, we are aiming to ride the length of the original Route 66 to raise funds to aid in the defeat of Alzheimer's using our four Yamaha FS1-E bikes.


The Fizzy has a special place in the hearts of many as they bring back memories of our teenage years and a stepping stone for a larger motorcycle or car. Every time I ride my Popsicle Purple bike I am almost guaranteed that someone will stop me, with a very large smile and say “I had one of those years ago, I wish I'd never gotten rid of it”.

These machines only have an engine size of 49cc, a total weight of 70kg (154lb) and a maximum speed of 45mph (downhill with the wind behind you).  Combined this will make the task of crossing eight states, three time zones and a total of 2448 miles an added challenge.

Please help us reach our aim of raising £66,000 for Alzheimer's research on both sides of the Atlantic by visiting our JustGiving page, and to find out more about the brilliant research these charities carry out click here. All funds raised go direct to the charities - the trip itself is coming out of own pockets.



From building the bikes, shipping them state side and of course, the journey itself, we'll keep you updated at every stage.

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